Certified Organic Greek Oregano in 50gr box

[Code : 5200128680145] Certified Organic Greek Oregano in 50gr box

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Certified Organic Greek Oregano in 50gr box

Organically grown and farmed Greek Oregano from Karditsa, Greece. Great Taste Award 2018 winner.

Oregano (Origanon in common, Origanum Vulgare) comes from the words ‘’Ορος ’ and ‘γάγνυμαι’, which means ‘I am glad’. Due to the root capability to prevent the wash of the soil by the rain water , it was named ‘Mountain Joy’. It belongs to the Lip-Flower family and in the Origanum gender. In this gender the sub kinds of the Greek soil, vulgare and hirtum, are included. Its special smell is spread in the nature during the summer months and around  harvest time. The summer sun gives its more intense taste, rich in oil.

Due to the special smell the oregano holds, its cultivation has been tried in a lot of countries in the planet without getting the desirable results since there are no similar conditions nowhere for its growth but only in Greece where traditionally is naturally grown. Its gathering takes place in the bloom period and then it is left to dry. This method is responsible for its smell and taste characteristics. The flower of the plant is the best oregano quality.

In ancient times, Hippocrates used oregano for respiratory diseases treatment while it is very stimulating and diuretic. Also, Aristotle observed that tortoises after snake swallowing, they ate oregano. It led to the conclusion that it protected the organism from the poison. Nowadays, oregano is used mainly in cooking making it tastier, traditional dishes in Mediterranean diet, ( essential in Greek and Italian cuisine), but its qualities are more important in homeopathy disease treatment and in food production. The therapeutic qualities exist due to the essential oil, which consists of karvakroli and thymoly, known as antioxidant substances. Also, it holds a great amount of vitamin C, fibre, iron and B- Carotonin. Oregano fights microorganisms, mainly bacteria and it has antioxidant,and kyttarotoxic.

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