Aegina Pistachios Sea - Salt Roasted 200g

[Code : 693705000026_bag] Aegina Pistachios Sea - Salt Roasted 200g

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Please note: In 2020 there was limited production due to environmental reasons and therefore you will notice a price increase.

Authentic Aegina Island Select Pistachios Sea - Salt Roasted, sundried and hand picked.
The most famous pistachio variety known around the world for its unique and delicious taste. The unique weather conditions and special soil ingredients give the Aegina island Pistachio its exquisite taste and fine quality. This product has not been genetically modified.

The name "Aegina pistachios" is a "controlled term of origin" ( E.U. regulation of 1263/96). These should not be confused with pistachios from Iran, California, or other origins.

Also available organic production

Imported from Aegina, Greece 
Net Weight 200g

Aegina Island -- The Island of Aegina is situated in the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea, 17 nautical miles from mainland Greece. The first capital of independent Greece during 1826-7, Aegina is rich in ancient and modern history, culture and natural beauty.

The Aegina Fistiki -- The Aegina pistachio nut, known in Greek as the Aegina Fistiki has been systematically cultivated on Aegina since the 1860s/ Today the Aegina Fistiki is naturally grown on small family estates, providing the island's population of 11,000 with its main source of income. Every year during the months of August and September the pistachios are hand-picked and sun-dried with unrivalled artistry.

Certified Aegina Island Grown -- The eclectic taste, shapely form and full kernel of the Aegina Fistiki are due to the warm climatic conditions, the texture of the soil as well as the proximity to the sea. Recognizing these unique characteristics, the European Union awarded the Aegina Fistiki the accolade POP ( Protected Origin Product - EC Dir. 1263/96 ), distinguishing it from all other pistachios world-wide.

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