Manna Whole Wheat Rusks from Crete, 600 gr.

[Code : 5201885000200] Manna Whole Wheat Rusks from Crete, 600 gr.

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Manna Whole Wheat Rusks from Crete, 600 gr.
Manna brand traditional Cretan Whole Wheat Rusks known as paximadia. Made with the purest Cretan ingredients, they are baked in a wood-burning oven, and are low in fat and rich in fibre. Pure, crunchy, and tasty, they are highly nutritious and an ideal source of energy. They are an ideal part of a healthy Mediterranean or Cretan diet, which is rich in fiber and low in fat. "the Manna" small rye rusks contain 60% whole grain wheat flour content and are low in fat. Chloresterol free. No preservatives.

Enjoy them with any kind of food at a family meal, soaked for a little in some water to soften them, instead of bread. Perfect for making Dakos the famous Cretan appetizer. Click here for the recipe.

No Preservatives.
Baked and imported from Crete.
After opening this packet, store in a dry and cool place.
Packaging may vary.
Ingredients: whole grain wheat flour, wheat flour, yeast, salt. See under more photos for detailed information on the packaging

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