Authentic Aegina Pistachios 250gr 5-pack w/ free US shipping

[Code : 5201129000031_5pack] Authentic Aegina Pistachios 250gr 5-pack w/ free US shipping

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Authentic Aegina Pistachios 5-pack w/ free shipping

Five 250gr packs of Authentic Greek Aigina Pistachios Roasted and Salted with Sea Salt. The most famous pistachio variety known around the world for its unique and delicious taste. The unique weather conditions and special soil ingredients give the Aegina island Pistachio its exquisite taste and fine quality.  

The name "Aegina pistachios" is a "controlled term of origin" ( E.U. regulation of 1263/96). These should not be confused with pistachios from Iran, Turkey, California, or other origins.Aigina a small island in the Saronic Gulf and close to Athens is world known for the production of pistachios. Due to its size and season changes it has limited production which makes these pistachios difficult to find and available from select gourmet food stores.

Imported from Aegina, Greece 
5 x 250g bags



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