Extra Long Komboskini Prayer Rope w/ Gold Thread 48cm

[Code : STR_140_12_L] Extra Long Komboskini Prayer Rope w/ Gold Thread 48cm

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Extra Long Komboskini Prayer Rope w/ Gold Thread 48cm

Black komboskini prayer rope with gold thread details and and a knotted cross at the end which is finished with a tassel. This is what is called a "despotikon" komboskini

Handmade in Mt. Athos, Greece
Approx. 48cm (19in) length
Cross approx. 36mm (1.4 in) x 36mm (1.4 in)

Komboskini or prayer ropes are a loop of knots, (typically 100 knots) and are held in the left hand, leaving the right hand free to make the Sign of the Cross. Traditionally the prayer rope is placed in the left pocket or wrapped around the left wrist, as a reminder for one to continuously pray.

When held in the hand, pass from knob to know saying the Jesus Prayer, or "the prayer from the heart", and let your mind start to set aside problems and focus on the prayer alone. The practice is a way for you to relax your mind and unite your body with your soul. Historically, the prayer rope is one of the most important tools of the monks. The prayer rope is commonly made of wool, as a symbol of the flock of Christ. Beads can be spaced evenly throughout the chain of knots, making it easier for the knots to be counted.

In proper practice, prayer ropes should be tied by a person of true faith, and although they are often tied by monastics, lay persons are permitted to tie the knots. As the ropes are sacred and should not be displayed out in the open for others to see.
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