Greek Mountain Tea - Sideritis Perfoliata  (10 tea bags)

[Code : 5200128680015] Greek Mountain Tea - Sideritis Perfoliata (10 tea bags)

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Award Winning (Great Taste 2014) Greek Mountain Tea - Sideritis Perfoliata  (10 tea bags)

Savor the finest Greek Mountain Tea in its Sideritis Perfoliata variation. This is 100% natural mountain tea collected in the Mt. Olympus areas and prepared in easy to use tea bags. This tea exhibits superior taste and quality that places it among the top and rare varieties in Greece. 

If you are not familiar with Sideritis Perfoliata a variety of Greek Mountain Tea, this is a plant widely used in folk medicine in Greece since antiquity because of its antiinflammatory, antirheumatic, antiulcer, digestive and vasoprotective properties.  According to the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health "Phytochemical investigations of the polar extracts afforded four flavonoid glycosides, four phenylpropanoic glycosides, caffeic acid and one iridoid, ajugoside. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are implicated in the aetiology of several inflammatory processes. In the present study polar fractions and isolated compounds from S. perfoliata subsp. perfoliata were evaluated for their antioxidant activity using DPPH spectrophotometric and TBA lipid peroxidation assays, as well as for their antiinflammatory activity using the soybean lipoxygenase bioassay. All extracts and isolated compounds showed significant antioxidant and inhibitory activity against soybean lipoxygenase. These findings give support to the ethnopharmacological use of the plant in the treatment of several inflammatory ailments."  Simply said this tea goes beyond just a pleasant warm drink and has won UK's Great Taste 2014 Award in the Tea category! 

10 Tea bags per packet.

A exclusive, imported from Greece.

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