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Sterling Silver Ancient Greek Swirl Motif Cufflinks (14mm)

[Code : JP_50011SC] Sterling Silver Ancient Greek Swirl Motif Cufflinks (14mm)

Price $94.95

These unique, circular, sterling silver cufflinks feature an ancient Greek swirl motif. The swirl is a Minoan motif inspired by the Labyrinth in Greek Mythology.

14mm diameter
925 degree sterling silver
Made in Greece

The swirl motif is inspired by the Ancient Greek mythological Labyrinth, which was an elaborate structure designed and built by the legendary artificer Daedalus for King Minos of Crete at Knossos. Its function was to hold the Minotaur, a creature that was half man and half bull and was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus. Daedalus had made the Labyrinth so cunningly that he himself could barely escape it after he built it. Theseus was aided by Ariadne, who provided him with a skein of thread, literally the "clew", or "clue", so he could find his way out again.


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