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Large 22021 "Gouri" with Evil Eye ornament 40cm

[Code : DER_216_304] Large 22021 "Gouri" with Evil Eye ornament 40cm

Price $36.95

Large 2021 "Gouri" Brass Evil Eye Wall Ornament 40cm

In Greek tradition the Gouri makes a perfect gift for any Christmas, New Year's or house warming event. Typically hang next to a door but also displayed anywhere in the house, a gouri is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

This unique gouri features an Evil Eye symbol of good fortune and protection from the "Eye of envy', a common talisman in many cultures including Greece (read below). The ornament includes several good luck charms that are silver plated. and tied from a  blue colored tassel.

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Comes in a gift/presentation box

Ornament length 40mm (17 inches)
Handcrafted and imported from Greece

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