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Sterling Silver Pendant w/ Leather Cord - Owl Coin Replica (23mm)

[Code : JP9103SP] Sterling Silver Pendant w/ Leather Cord - Owl Coin Replica (23mm)

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Sterling Silver Pendant w/ Leather Cord - Owl Coin Replica (23mm) Leather Cord Approx 20" inches

This oxidized sterling silver pendant features an ancient coin replica of the "owl", a common Athenian coin. Its face shows the owl ( koukouvagia ) an Ancient Greek symbol of wisdom. The original "owls" were minted over 2000 years ago and are by far the most recognized Ancient Greek coins.

Owls were the first widely used international coin. They popularized the practice of putting a head on the obverse of a coin and a tail (animal) on the reverse. Owls were handled by Pythagoras, Xenophanes, Democritus, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Archimedes, and others whose thinking formed the very foundation of Western civilization.

The pendant is oxidized for an antique look and contrast to the exceptional coin detail.

Made in Greece

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Oxidized
Owl pendant approx. 23mm (.91 in) x 15mm (.59 in)
Owl pendant with ring approx. 34mm (1.34 in)

The Athena Collection - Sterling Silver Ring - Owl and Athena Coin Replica (17mm) also available.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Glaucus (Greek: Γλαῦκος, Glaukos, "glaring (eyes)") is the symbolic owl of Athena or Minerva, respectively. Often referred to as the "owl of Athena" or "owl of Minerva", it accompanies Minerva in Roman myths, seen as a symbol of wisdom because the owl is capable of seeing even in the dark and of vigilance because the owl is awake at night.


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