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Sterling Silver Pendant - Two-Sided Oval Alexander (or Athena) with Parthenon 2.5cm

[Code : JP_8001SP] Sterling Silver Pendant - Two-Sided Oval Alexander (or Athena) with Parthenon 2.5cm

Price $56.95

This unique, oval-shaped, sterling silver pendant features your choice of Athena or Alexander the Great, with the Parthenon on the opposite side. The traditional Greek key pattern borders the edge.

Pendant size 25mm (0.98") tall by 20mm (0.78") wide.
925 degree sterling silver, rhodium plated to preserve shine and durability (see below)
Made in Greece

*Rhodium is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used on jewelry in order to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish while giving it a white and reflective appearance.

Athena was second to Zeus in wisdom. Athena Goddess was the patroness of Athens and all the heroes who fought against evil. Athena Pallas loved peace more than war and was also known as Goddess Athena of agriculture, and spinning and weaving.

Alexander the Great, king of Macedon (336-23), reigned during a time of transformation, from not only the classical Greek world but also the whole of the Near East. Alexander's achievements need to be understood in relation to three main constituencies, the Macedonians whom he ruled, the Persians who were conquered, and the Greeks of whom many were his reluctant allies. Although he is most famous as a general, and the nature of his military successes will be examined, Alexander also initiated major developments in the spread of Greek culture and civilisation and in the presentation of royalty and divinity. Alexander's reign ushered in a new age, but also produced considerable chaos; both sides of the coin must be considered.

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