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Alexander Oath (31cmx26cm) K402A

[Code : K402A] Alexander Oath (31cmx26cm) K402A

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Alexander's Oath for peace and harmony, an excellent gift idea for anyone. The sterling silver oath plaque is mounted on high quality wood. (31cmx26cm)

Agios Alexandros (d.430) was a Greek monk who founded monastic communities in Syria, by the Euphrates river, and in Constantinople. It was he who started the tradition of "sleepless" ( akimiti ) monks, who would pray and sing all day and all night without resting. Therefore, he is also known as Akimitis. St. Alexander was known to like to travel and meet people.

Alexander's speech at Opis in 324 BC, otherwise known as Alexander's Oath, given about one year before his death in the presence of 9,000 Greek and Asian officers, has become the beacon of state leaders and international organizations in their route toward the third millennium. The main points which he made in this speech are as follows:

• Now that the wars are over, I wish you to find happiness through peace.
• May all mortals live from now on in harmony, as one nation, for the sake of common prosperity.
• Consider the world as your country, with common laws, governed by men of merit, regardless of race.
• I do not distinguish between Greeks and barbarians, as do the narrow-minded.
• I am not interested in the country or race of origin of people.
• I only distinguish people according to their virtues.
• To me every virtuous foreigner is Greek and each non-virtuous Greek is worse than a barbarian.
• If you are ever faced with differences, do not resort to arms, but resolve them peacefully. If need be, I can act as your arbitrator.
• God should not be viewed as an authoritarian ruler, but as our common father.
• As for myself, I consider all persons, black or white, as equals.
• I wish you to be my partners and not just members of our commonwealth.
• As far as I am able, I shall see to it that all my promises come true.
• Regard this oath as a symbol of love.



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