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Discover Greece: Land of the Gods - Peloponnisos DVD (NTSC/PAL)

[Code : 5201364716780] Discover Greece: Land of the Gods - Peloponnisos DVD (NTSC/PAL)

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A place full of historic memories as well as a rich present that combines steep mountains with picturesque indented coastlines, Peloponnisos is unbreakably connected with Greek history. Argos is inhabited from the prehistoric years until today uninterruptedly, and is considered the oldest Greek city. The monuments of the past are interspersed in the area; the ancient theater stans out, as it is preserved in a very good condition until today and is characterized for its perfect acoustics. Tegea with the famous sanctuary of the temple of "aleaAthena", Tripoli with the silent two-storeyed houses with the wooden balconies as well as the magnificent neoclassical buildings, charms the visitor.

Leaving Tripoli behind and following the winding road we arrive at Laconia with its wild beauty and its stone towers. The visit begins from Mistras, a ghost city that used to be the capital of the Byzantine and Venetian Morias (Peloponnisos). The visit contnues with Vathia, the old town in the region of Mani, with the traditional towers that were restored and became hostels. Our next stop is Monemvasia, the Gibraltar of East Mediterranean. Built on an imposing rock in the sea, surrounded by huge walls, stands up this medieval castle town, which has remained intact all these centuries. Githio coming next in our tour used to be a Phoenician colony and nowadays is a picturesque town by the sea. Very close to Githio one can find the well-known caves of Diros. In Areopolis, which is our next stop, the viewer will be charmed by the landscape in this region of Mani and the special architecture of houses that look like inaccessible towers. Itilon, famous for its description by Jules Verne in his book "Pirates of the Aegean", is a natural port with picturesque tavernas, where one thinks that time has stopped.

In Sparta, with its long history and ancient power, you will see grave of Leonidas, the remains of the ancient city, the Acropolis and the theatre of the second century BC, while our tour is completed with a visit to the mountain of nymphs, Taygetos, wooded with green and the babbling waters coming out of its bowels.

Narration in Greek
Subtitle Options: Greek, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Duration: 106 mins

This DVD is compatible with both PAL/Zone 2 DVD players (Europe, Australia) as well as NTSC DVD players (North America).

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