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Discover Greece : Ancient Theatres and Castles DVD (NTSC/PAL)

[Code : 5201364716179] Discover Greece : Ancient Theatres and Castles DVD (NTSC/PAL)

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The ancient theaters, cradles of the classical Greek civilization, legate to us, in the most vivid way, the important aspects of the ancient Greek dramaturgy. Without any mood for impressing, with a plain structure, the ancient theatres are openly offered to the function of light, which proves beneficial for the distinction of wisdom of lines and the eloquence of clean volume. Probably, no other creation of human civilization has taken advantage so skillfully and with such sense of measure of the natural environment such as the ancient Greek theatre. The theatrical building, sometimes carved and sometimes built on a hillside, is considered the most successful expression of balance between nature and man. 

Narration in Greek

Language Options: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Duration: 98 mins

This DVD is compatible with both PAL/Zone 2 DVD players (Europe, Australia) as well as NTSC DVD players (North America).

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