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Discover Greece : Ancient Greece DVD (NTSC/PAL)

[Code : 5201364716148] Discover Greece : Ancient Greece DVD (NTSC/PAL)

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In every corner of Greece one can find widespread evidence of the unprecedented intellectual and artistic creation of ancient Greeks.  This varicolored mosaic stuns the visitor.  Tens of Cities-States with an individual character and an invisible string that relates different elements and creates the “common spirit” of Greece.  Temples, theatres, statues, and citadels reveal that Greeks loved life, sunlight and clear blue sky, the beauty of the human body charmed them and they worshiped it.  They knew how to overcome the tight framework of political selfishness in order to reach ecumenism.  Athens, Mycenae, Olympia, Knossos, Dion, Vergina, Samothrace, and Asclipeio: monuments of a civilization that continues to inspire until today. 

Narration in Greek

Language Options: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Duration: 102 mins

This DVD is compatible with both PAL/Zone 2 DVD players (Europe, Australia) as well as NTSC DVD players (North America).

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