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Rouleman - DVD (NTSC)

[Code : 880215101699] Rouleman - DVD (NTSC)

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Award-winning director Panos Karkanevatos ( Earth & Water, Borderline ) takes us on a voyeur's journey of discovery as a documentary film crew struggles to piece together the events that led to a beautiful woman's death. Loula is a sexy young Greek woman who dreams of escaping her grimy industrial town to become a singer in a nearby city. She begins a torrid affair with Kosmos, a visiting stranger, in the hope that he would take her away, but soon discovers that even he is trapped. Kosmos is shattered when Loula finally leaves, and a few months later he tracks her down. After Kosmos professes his love for her one last passionate night, the unexpected happens... 

Staring: Giorgios Glastras, Anna Sotiroudi, Dimitris Naziris, Sotiris Zikos, and Yannis Kessaridis.

In Greek, English subtitles
88 minutes
NTSC formatted
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