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Rebetiko (1984) Special Edition (2-disc) DVD set (NTSC/PAL)

[Code : 5205092700394] Rebetiko (1984) Special Edition (2-disc) DVD set (NTSC/PAL)

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This is the original Rebetiko DVD 2-disc set release made in Greece. It features subtitles in seven languages. Not to be confused with the single DVD US release. This is available for shipment immediately.

The award winning Greek film Rembetiko by Costas Ferris on a two DVD set. Based on the true story of the great Rebetisa, Marika Ninou, "Rebetiko" tells the tale of life, love, accomplishment and the inevitable tragedy. Born in Smyrna 1919, Marika Ninou fled to Athens in 1956, disillusioned, impoverished yet -in that true rebetiko style - had succumbed hardship to achieve musical greatness. A Drama of epic proportions, "Rembetiko" represents a snap-shot of the events and tragedies that shaped Greece in the early 20th century. Star composer Stavros Xarhakos' composed the soundtrack to the film with Nikos Gatso as the lyricist.

Extras (2nd DVD): The chronicle of Rebetiko, Director's comentary, trailer, Sound documents,, 'Rembetiko mistirio' the CD, 'Ta matoklada sou laboun (short film), Filmography, Songs and music, Easter Eggs, 18 songs, Awards, Menu: Greek - English.


Sotiria Leonardou, Nikos Kalogeropoulos, Mihalis Maniatis, Themis Bazaka, Nikos Dimitratos, Giorogs Zorbas, Konstantinos Tzoumas, Vicky Vanita

Director: Kostas Ferris Script: Sotiria Leonardou, Kostas Ferris Music: Stavros Xarhakos


- Format: NTSC / PAL
- Format: Colour
- Rated: NR
- Discs: 2
- DVD Disc 1: The Movie
- DVD Disc 2: Special Featues
- Double Sided
- Sound: Dolby Digital 5:1
- Digitally Mastered Audio & Anamorphic Video
- Running Time:148 minutes
- Subtitles: Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish

These DVDs are available in both NTSC and PAL format. Greekshops will mail the suitable version for the shipping destination.

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