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Earth & Water - DVD (NTSC)

[Code : 65876931343] Earth & Water - DVD (NTSC)

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Somewhere on the border of dream and reality, two lovers will try and survive...

A contemporary love story reminiscent of Theo Angelopoulos' Landscape in the Midst! Nicolas, a twenty-year old musician, is both good looking and spirited. Constantina, beautiful and only eighteen years old, falls in love with him the very first time they meet. The ensuing love affair is ecstasy for both, but only for a brief while because the world has other plans. Under pressure from her family, Constantina decides to leave Nicolas, not telling him that she is pregnant with his child. In an act of desperation Nicolas sinks himself to the bottom of a river but resurfaces to pursue Constantina in a world unfamiliar to him. Somewhere on the border of dream and reality the young lovers try to survive their love for one another in a world determined to tear them apart.

Staring: Lena Kitsopoulou, Katerina Karayanni, Dimitris Ioakeimidis, Dimitris Siakaras, and Giorgos Emirzas.

In Greek
English Subtitles
112 Minutes
NTSC Formatted
Not Rated

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