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Antenna 1 - Min mou les Antio complete season 8-DVD set (NTSC)

[Code : Ant001] Antenna 1 - Min mou les Antio complete season 8-DVD set (NTSC)

Price $94.95

Don't Say Goodbye - Min Mou Les Antio

Set in the beautiful land of Thrace, Manoussos Manoussakis takes us on a journey to a world, which has been a crossroads between East and West. So close, yet at the same time so far, a strong, destined love will become the reason for two lifestyles, two ideologies, and two cultures to clash.
The love between Greek Orthodox Christina and Muslim Mourat began as a lie. When revealed, their relationship turns friends into enemies. Her world and his world unite to separate our heroes. Everyone condemns their love from the beginning, fighting it with every possible means.

Based on the book by Anastasia Kalliontzi, this dramatic love story brings us face to face with reality, a reality, which no one's God is to blame, only people. This was the leading TV series on Antenna TV during 2004.

In Greek, with English Subtitles

This DVD conforms with the NTSC DVD format and are compatible with North America Video Players.

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