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Angelo Tsarouchas, It's All Greek to Me DVD (NTSC)

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Angelo Tsarouchas, It's All Greek to Me DVD (NTSC)

Who said that Greeks are not funny? Growing up in a Greek household, with rules made in Greece, and trying to fit into a world of mainstream society, you could not help but laugh, especially growing up in the Tsarouchas' house, where we make the Osbourne's look like The Brady Bunch! At 19 years old, I set across the country to find myself, and along my trails, I always found myself either eating at a Greek Diner, or lighting a candle in a Greek Church somewhere between Halifax and Vancouver. Working with other comedians they would always ask me, "How do you know where to go eat", and why are they always so accommodating to you when they find out that you are Greek? Good question, I would ask myself the same thing then it hit me, that's just the way we are, that's the way we have been raised, and we are probably the proudest people on Earth. The old timers say you can't get anywhere without hard work, and it's true, this comedy DVD is a labour of love, and metaphorically speaking, is a slice of life growing up in a Greek family that we can all relate to. After a show, a young Greek girl came up to me and exclaimed "Have you been living with my parent's also?" That pretty well summed up the connection I had with the audience, and explains the code that we Greek's in the diaspora live by.
We always knew it was cool to be Greek, now, we want the rest of the world to know it. I attribute a lot of this to the people I have met and befriended in my travels all across Canada and the U.S. First I have to thank my Mother, with her love and support, always encouraged us to do what we wanted to do, as long as we were happy and we would promise to only marry a Greek! My Sister Tasia, who would always laugh at my jokes, and who we would dress up as a goalie when we played street hockey because nobody else would do it. My brother Michael, who I have had the pleasure of doing five feature films with, and is the producer of this show and DVD, and who I always got to beat up whenever we would watch All-Star wresting as kids! (Hey, what are brothers for anyway). All my crazy relatives who I love so much, thanks for the much needed material for my show. (I would list them but we would run out of room on the thank-you's). All my friends who have supported me through my career, especially in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Paul Ronca and the staff at the Comedy Zone in Montreal and George Economou and the crew in Vancouver for all their support. Peter Dimitroulopoulos for his expert work on designing the artwork for my CD and DVD, Thano Lambrinos for his great work on my website.
To all my God Children, Georgia, Abby, Yanna, Victoria and George, God Bless you for giving me so much joy in my life. I also would like to thank Nick, Tony and Chris from the band Poseidon, who invited me on stage at one of their gigs, and let me do some time to a group of people who were not expecting comedy, a turning point for me also.
I dedicate this DVD to my late Spartan Father Petros, who would force us to listen to Harry Klynn and the Trio Bel Canto, on his 'new' 8 track player on those family car vacations to Florida. I hope he is looking down, (or up!) and laughing somewhere...

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This DVD conforms with the NTSC DVD format and is compatible with North America DVD Players. If purchasing for use in another region and you do not have an NTSC compatible DVD player, please contact us for availability of other formats.

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