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The History Channel : The Greek Gods DVD (NTSC)

[Code : 733961730968] The History Channel : The Greek Gods DVD (NTSC)

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Their exploits were recorded and passed down through countless generations. Their images inspired some of the most beautiful art ever created. Their names echo throughout history.

From their mythical home atop Mount Olympus, the Greek gods played an integral part in Ancient Greek life. THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ® explores the fascinating history of these enduring figures through period accounts, interviews with renowned historians and classicists, and stunning location footage, including glimpses into the gods' phenomenal temples. Learn why the ancient deities were endowed with human failings and discover the significance of the most famous Greek myths. View the magnificent artwork that preserved their images and learn how these epic figures have been integrated into modern life.

From Aphrodite to Zeus, THE GREEK GODS presents an unforgettable exploration of the mythic and monumental world of Greek deities.

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This DVD conforms with the NTSC DVD format and is compatible with North America DVD Players. If purchasing for use in another region and you do not have an NTSC compatible DVD player, please contact us for availability of other formats.


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