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Oracle of Delphi : Secrets Revealed DVD (NTSC)

[Code : 73396121905] Oracle of Delphi : Secrets Revealed DVD (NTSC)

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For thousands of years, the Oracle of Delphi was one of the most baffling enigmas of the ancient world.

Now, Secrets of the Ancient World brings myth and science together to demystify this sacred legend. Ancient Greek texts tell captivating stories of entranced female priestesses at the temple of Delphi who spoke on behalf of the gods. The writings describe vapors that rose from a crack in the temple's floor and provided a source of inspiration for the Oracle. Although many scholars once rejected this claim, a wealth of new evidence compiled by geologists, archaeologists, chemists, and toxicologists suggests that the ancients were right. Join two of these remarkable scientists as they relive the journey they made in the summer of 1998 to prove that the source of the Oracle's power was not a myth, but a scientific reality.

Color and B&W, Approx. 47 minutes total

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