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Ancient Greece : Modern Ship Building DVD (NTSC)

[Code : 733961206807] Ancient Greece : Modern Ship Building DVD (NTSC)

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Modern- day warships, cargo, and container ships are on the cutting edge of maritime technology. But 2,500 years ago, no one dominated shipbuilding like the ancient Greeks.

In this revealing program, WHERE DID IT COME FROM? travels to Greece for a first hand look at how the country's maritime expertise evolved. With host Michael Guillen, get an up-close look at a reproduction of a trireme, or ancient Mediterranean warship, and see how a three-dimensional CGI reproduction of the gigantic cargo ship Syracusia captures the vessel's original grandeur. Witness a demonstration of the Archimedan screw, a machine designed in the third century B.C. to pump water out of a ship's hold, and watch as another one of Archimedes' discoveries, the principle of buoyancy , is put to the test. And in England, investigate the Antikythera mechanism, a type of celestial computer that tracked the movement of the sun, moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and a handful of stars.

Featuring stunning computer graphics and expert interviews, HISTORY™ presents this captivating insight into the ancient origins of modern shipbuilding technology.

Color, Approx. 47 minutes total

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