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Alexander the Great: Myth and Reality DVD 3 disc set (NTSC)

[Code : 032031287198] Alexander the Great: Myth and Reality DVD 3 disc set (NTSC)

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Filmed over two years in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Iran, this three hour documentary sheds light on the exciting life and achievements of Alexander The Great. Through ancient writings, world renowned historians and archaeologists present the story of one of the most famous figures of all time.

Considered by many to be the most successful military commanders of the ancient world, Alexander The Great’s conquests over the Persian Empire began a new era of Greco-Macedonian rule over non-Greek lands. Although he was driven to conquer, he held a strict policy of treating conquered people with great respect, sometimes allowing them to integrate into his administration and army, in exchange for their undying loyalty. Alexander’s military conquests live on to this day, in the stories passed down from the Greek and non-Greek peoples.

Includes 3 DVD's in this set.

DVD 1:

Part 1: The Kingdom of Macedonia
Part 2: Alexander's Education

DVD 2:
Part 3: The conquest of Asia Minor
Part 4: Pharaoh of Egypt

DVD 3:
Part 5: The Conquest of Persia
Part 6: The Overlord of Asia

Total Running Time: 240 minutes
Languages: Greek, English

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This DVD conforms with the NTSC DVD format and is compatible with North America DVD Players. If purchasing for use in another region and you do not have an NTSC compatible DVD player, please contact us for availability of other formats.

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