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Katahrisis Exousias DVD (NTSC)

[Code : DVD_F68] Katahrisis Exousias DVD (NTSC)

Price $24.95

Harry Stontis abandons his studies in Germany and returns to Greece to find the killer of his brother. His brother was addicted to morphine, so Harry gets into the police force and gets assigned to the drug enforcement. Searching for the killer, he comes across a tip - by another addict - about a large quantity of heroin about to be brought into Greece. Soon he is in the middle of a case involving drugs, internal politics and an old criminal. Then he discovers... Staring: Nikos Kourkoulos, Betty Livanou, and Manos Katrakis.

This movie is a reproduction, not a remastered version of the film.  Therefore you may experience poor sound and video quality.

This DVD conforms with the NTSC DVD format and are compatible with North America Video Players. If purchasing for use in another region and you do not have an NTSC compatible video player, please contact us for availability of other formats.

Language: Greek
No Subtitles or Special Features

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