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I Agni Tou Limaniou / Lily of the Harbor DVD (PAL w/ English Subtitles)

[Code : 5200376500332] I Agni Tou Limaniou / Lily of the Harbor DVD (PAL w/ English Subtitles)

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The classic Finos Film I Agni Tou Limaniou / Lily of the Harbor, in a new release that includes English subtitles. For more details refer to our more pictures section. 

Captain Giakoumis makes the big decision to forsake the sea and live peacefully close to his wife and his adopted son, Andreas, who is about to sit for examinations in order to become a lieutenant. However, a terrible secret burdens his soul. He has a daughter, Agni, whom he had years ago when he had an affair with Maria, a prostitute from Troumpa. Maria, before she died, expressed the wish that Giakoumis recognize their daughter as his child. He, however, refused, since Agni ended up becoming a prostitute. The girl, to take revenge on her father, starts an affair with her half-brother with the intention of dragging him down into the mud. In the end, however, she falls in love with him, and this love blesses everyone and everything.

Starring: Hatziargyri , Alexandrakis , Rizos , Zafeiriou
Directed by: Yorgos Javellas
Subtitles: Greek & English
Language: Greece
Runtime: 91 minutes
Region: PAL / All Zones
Release Date: 1952

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*Please Note: This DVD is in PAL format, encoded for use in ALL PAL zones (Zone-free). To view this DVD in the US or Canada you will need a multi-region DVD player or a computer with a DVD player. is currently offering a multi-region DVD player at the amazing price of 59.95! This DVD player will not only play all zones and DVDs from anywhere in the world, but it also has several other great features which make it a great upgrade of your current DVD player.

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