Classic Comedy
Ti Ekanes Ston Polemo - Thanassi Veggos

[Code : 2711302347_15] Ti Ekanes Ston Polemo - Thanassi Veggos

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Athens 1942. A taverna owner serves some German troops a delicious stifado which instead of rabbit is made of cat meat.He is arrested and thrown in jail. In his trial his primary witness (T. Veggos) is found guilty of perjury and he is also thrown in jait and sent to Italy. Through a series of funny scenarios Thanassis is now considered a leader of a resistance group.

Starring: Thanassis Veggos, Efi Roditi, Antonis Papadopoulos, and Nikitas Platis.

In Greek, no subtitles or special features
black & white
85 minutes

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