Classic Comedy
Doctor Zveggos DVD

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Price $24.95

Thanasis gets a job in a barber shop. Through a weird misundrstanding he gets confused for a doctor. He ends up offering his "medical" services to the family of Mr. Apostolou whose daughter attempted suicide because her father refuses to let her marry a poor accountant. Thanasis treats all his patients to a healthy dose of laughter and manages not only to cure the young lady in his care, but also to... Staring: Thanasis Veggos, Hristos Tsaganeas, Dionisis Papagianopoulos, Periklis Hristoforidis, Kostas Tumvios, Nitsa Tsaganea, Nora Katseli

Language: Greek
No Subtitles or Special Features
Black & white, 74 minutes

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