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Alaloum (1980's) DVD

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Alaloum (1980's) DVD

An scetch movie starring Harry Klynn satirizing the greek social life during the eighties. In the first part, Harry Klynn stars as the hero from the novels of Yianni Mari. In the second, he is the young Artemis, a youth lost in himself. In the last he is sultry Golfo and Haralambos Trambakoulas, a sheppard who decides to run for public office.

Starring: Harry Klynn, Dimitris Piatas, and Tzoli Garbi.

In Greek. Color. No subtitles. 112 minutes. Dolby Digital 2.0

These DVDs are available in both NTSC and PAL format. Greekshops will mail the suitable version for the shipping destination.

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