Cats of the Greek Islands, by Hans Silvester (in English)

[Code : 9780500278314] Cats of the Greek Islands, by Hans Silvester (in English)

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"Some of the best cat pictures you're ever likely to see!" ~ Amateur Photographer

Cats are ubiquitous in Greece's beautiful Cycladic islands. Fed and cared for by the islanders, but never allowed inside the family homes, they lead spontaneous, natural esistences, whether sunning themselves, befriending fishermen, patrolling their territories, or stalking their prey. The esteemed photographer Hans Silvester devoted some three years to tracking, obsening and recording these charming creatures, and the resuting photographs appear in in this book - a wonderful array of characterful cats anddazzling Mediteranean landscapes that are sure to delight cat lovers everywhere.

In English
144 pages

A great coffee table book!

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