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Hellas By Edward KareKlas

[Code : 9781413762457] Hellas By Edward KareKlas

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The age of nationalism sweeping Europe during the nineteenth century hit Greece with unprecedented fervor. In 1821, the klephts, patriot-bandits who had for four long centuries of Turkish Ottoman rule lived in mountain hideouts as free men rather than endure the oppression, suddenly turned freedom fighters and united their bands in pursuit of their ultimate dream, that of a long-sought independence and ethnic identity. Supported by the merchant fleet and the influx of inspired foreign volunteers, they plunged the country into a chaotic struggle for freedom. It is against this virulent, yet colorful and romantic backdrop that the story is set. It begins with Alex Bayard, a professor of history from Harvard University who is in Greece for classical research. Unexpected romance and children keep him in the country, and before long, the War of Independence breaks out. His avid interest in local affairs induces him to record the events of the emerging insurrection as a historian would, an underlying motive being the publication of his reports abroad in hopes of generating the much needed outside military and financial support.



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