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In Sfakia, by Peter Trudgill (In Greek)

[Code : 9789607269546] In Sfakia, by Peter Trudgill (In Greek)

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In Sfakia, by Peter Trudgill (In Greek)

In Sfakiá is an affectionate, personal account of the historic and remote Cretan region of Sfakiá and its main village, Chóra Sfakíon, as encountered by the author and his wife starting in the late 1970s. The landscape is rugged, as are the Sfakián people, who are renowned for their heroism, fierceness, dignity and independence -- and even today they remain "hospitable to the point of insanity." We follow the couple as they become increasingly engaged with the local people, language, customs, landscape, history and legends, tragedies and triumphs of the region; we learn of their personal adventures and observe their gradually increasing understanding of Village life.

264 pages (includes maps and line drawings)
In Greek
ISBN: 9789607269546

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