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Ancient Greek Standards, by George Varoufakis (English)

[Code : 9799605210716] Ancient Greek Standards, by George Varoufakis (English)

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Ancient Greek Standards: The History and Control of the Materials Which Left Their Mark on Greek Civilization

"Standardisation, certification, quality control of products, consumer protection: strange though it may seem, these are not modern discoveries of our technological culture. The research of Professor Varoufakis shows that their roots stretch far back into antiquity and that they were characteristic features of societies with a high cultural level: Parthenons cannot be built without advanced technology, and development is inconceivable without the application of regulations to ensure the high quality of the materials used and the consumer goods produced. The ancient Greek civilisation devised a statutory
framework for quality, a basic requirement for r the development and growth of human societes."

In English
89 pages
Contains full-color photos and black and white technical drawings

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