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It's Still Greek To Me Intermediate

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It's Still Greek To Me, An Easy-To-Understand Guide to Intermdiate Greek, according to David Alan Black, People who teach or write about Greek grammar tend to treat the subject as though it were a green vegetable: you may not like grammar, but it's good for you. It's Still Greek to Me offers an alternative approach.
“I have tried to organize the book in a manner geared to the way people actually use the language, and I have done my utmost to make this book not only accurate but easy to understand and enjoyable to read” Black explains. “I have tried, in short, to produce a true user's guide to New Testament Greek for the twenty-first century. The only prerequisites on your part are a basic knowledge of Greek--and a healthy sense of humor.”

Like other intermediate grammars, It's Still Greek to Me provides a comprehensive survey of Greek syntax with chapters devoted to the nuances of Greek nouns, verbs, and clauses. Unlike other grammars, this one also takes students on a brief refresher tour of English grammar.
It's Still Greek to Me is intended primarily for those who have finished one year of instruction in Greek. Each chapter concludes with practice exercises and key terms for review.


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