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Epikoinoniste Ellinika Vol. 3 Learn Modern Greek Course

[Code : 9789607914415] Epikoinoniste Ellinika Vol. 3 Learn Modern Greek Course

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Epikoinoniste Ellinika Vol. 3, Learn Modern Greek CourseA course for learning Greek, complete with Course Book, Audio CD (contains dialogues, texts, and listening exercises), and an exercise book. Developed by Kleanthis Arvanitakis and Frosso Arvanitaki and used by most Greek As a Second Language instructors in Greece.  This is a GREEK ONLY course and typically requires instructor guidance. A self study course in English from the same authors is available here.


1. Course Book ISBN  978-960-7914-41-5

- Dialogues and texts based on realistic everyday situation as well as subjects of a more general nature
- Grammar and vocabulary exercises
- Exercises on the four communication skills
- Grammar tables
- General guidelines for the teacher
- Εnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian vocabularies
- Key to the written and listening exercises

2. Exercise Book ISBN 978-960-8464-06-3
- Written grammar and vocabulary exercises
- Progress test
- Key to exercises and test

3. Audio CD
Dialogues, texts and listening exercises included in the course book

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