Greek Easy Readers
Greek Easy Reader Series :: Stage 3 :: Iroes, In Greek

[Code : 9789607914163] Greek Easy Reader Series :: Stage 3 :: Iroes, In Greek

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Greek Easy Reader Series :: Stage 3 :: Iroes, In Greek

Zeus, king of gods and mortals; Hera, his jealous wife and goddess of marriage and family life; Poseidon, god of the seas; Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love; and the other great gods who dwelt on Olympus. Their squabbles and their dealings with men and women.

Greek Easy Readers Series

Greek Easy Readers are targeted toward people learning Greek and looking for literature that doesn't require them to constantly pick up a dictionary. The book series are original works of adventure and mystery and include definitions for difficult words along with the English, French and German equivalents. They also contain reading comprehension exercises and ideas for classroom activities. The books range from Stages 1-5, Stage 1 being the easiest, and Stage 5 being the most difficult.

In Greek
Softcover, 103 pages
ISBN: 9789607914163

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