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the mediterranean diet cookbook recipes from the island of crete

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The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook explores the secrets known for centuries on the island of Crete of a traditional diet that seamlessly combines good nutrition with extraordinary gastronomic pleasure. Physician and nutrition specialist Jacques Fricker teams up with chef and health writer Dominique Laty to explain the benefits of the "Mediterranean Diet" and the subtle alchemy it achieves through balanced nutrition and a healthful lifestyle.
Laty has created 70 recipes inspired by the cuisine of Crete that combine ease in preparation with good nutrition and unalloyed delight to the senses.
The "Mediterranean Diet" offers a tantalizing array of dishes featuring richly diverse harvest pleasures —Eggplant a la Cuillère, Fettucine for the Impatient, and Hot-and-cold Figs, to name a few — and bountiful riches of the sea and farm in such dishes as Sea Bass Grilled with Fennel, Leg of Lamb with Eggplant Confiture, and Veal Escalope with Pine Nuts and Roasted Tomatoes.
Fricker and Laty describe the inspiration of this book as a need to offer an alternative to the poor nutritional choices so prevalent in the contemporary lifestyle of the developed world.
"Today we live longer, but is the quality of our life better?" they ask in the foreword to the book. "Consider the tremulous rhythm of life, the stress we bear, and the undisciplined manner in which we often nourish our bodies with too much fat and refined sugar. All these factors have grave consequences on us as human beings.
"With this in mind, we have, within the last few years, been driven to look for a different more healthy diet -- and a saner, more reasonable way of eating," they write. "The Cretan method, which combines gastronomy and the art of living, reflects this more healthy model.
"The Cretan principles are simple and unchanging: Each day, consume bread, cereals, fruits, fresh or dry vegetables, cheese or yogurt, and olives. Cook the food in, and season it with, olive oil. Drink plenty of water, and a little red wine several times a week. Eat fish, chicken, eggs and sweet desserts. And enjoy red meat only three or four times a month," they note.
"If you want to feel well, if you are looking for simplicity and freshness, the Mediterranean Diet of the island of Crete answers all your expectations," Fricker and Laty affirm. "The diet's principles are simple and constant. These recipes attest that pleasure, well-being and health can go together in a delicious harmony."
The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook treats readers to a visual feast as well thanks to the lavish photography of Pierre Hussenot and Pierre Cabannes. Hussenot and Cabannes have won international acclaim for their photographic work and are the cofounders of Agence Sucré/Salé, a French agency specializing in photography on gastronomy and lifestyle subjects.

Hardcover in English.

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