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The Kouklas Secret, Marcy Nassikas (In English)

[Code : 9780615307695] The Kouklas Secret, Marcy Nassikas (In English)

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"The Kouklas' Secret" takes children to an imaginary island off the shores of Greece. The story combines elements of Rumplestiltskin and Peter Paul Rubens' painting, "The Discovery of Crimson". Rubens depicts Herakles' dog with his muzzle colored not by blood but by the crimson of the crushed murex snail. More valuable than gold or pearls, the snail provided the royal dye for the robes of kings. In "The Kouklas' Secret," a stingy, Greek goblin finds the precious snail with the help of some very special Greek dolls. But the goblin's never-ending greed, like Rumplestiltskin's, ultimately ends his life.

Author: Marcy Nassikas
Illustrator: Charles Papillo

Paperback, 36 pages
In English
ISBN: 978-0615307695
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