Traditional Greek Costumes for Children
Epirus Boy Costume for ages 6-14 Style 218701

[Code : ST228701] Epirus Boy Costume for ages 6-14 Style 218701

This product is currently unavailable for purchase.

This costume is no longer available in children's sizes. For children ages 12 or older please consider smaller sizes of the adult costume ST642020 available here.


Epirus Boy Costume for ages 6-14 Style 228701*
Comes with vest, shirt, trouzers, belt and fez (hat). (Does not include shoes.)

Special delivery: Please allow 2-3 weeks

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a special order item and return/exchange/refund restrictions apply. Please review our current sale terms and conditions before ordering.

*Due to fabric availability, some costumes may differ slightly from the photos shown. The change in fabric does not affect the authenticity of the costume, which is designed and produced based on traditional Greek costume patterns.

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