Owl and Evil Eye Keychain

[Code : VF_MK2201] Owl and Evil Eye Keychain

Height 10 cm (3.9 in.)
Price $7.50

Owl and Evil Eye Keychain

The owl is probably one of the most popular ancient Greek symbols. In Greek and Roman mythology, Glaucus (Greek: Γλαῦκος, Glaukos, "glaring (eyes)") is the symbolic owl of Athena or Minerva, respectively. Often referred to as the "owl of Athena" or "owl of Minerva", it accompanies Minerva in Roman myths, seen as a symbol of wisdom because the owl is capable of seeing even in the dark and of vigilance because the owl is awake at night.

Owl measures approximately 50mm (1.96 inch) high and 35 mm (1.37 inch) wide.

Handmade in Greece with non precious, lead-free metal.

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