Keychain w Athenian Helmet

[Code : ME_PER01] Keychain w Athenian Helmet

Price $4.95

Keychain w Athenian Helmet

This unique keychain features an Ancient Greek Warrior Helmet made of hypoallergenic metal and is an interesting addition to your key ring.  The style of the helmet is believed to be Athenian. 

Made in Greece
Non-Precious Metal
Helmet approx. 38mm (1.50in) in length x 13mm (0.51in) in width

The Corinthian helmet's design gave the wearer better hearing and vision and was also a lighter and less bulky helmet. It consisted of a hemispherical dome, and below that, generally inset from the top dome, a pair of cheek pieces and a neck guard, with a substantial loop on either side for the wearer's ears. In the front, between the two cheek pieces, was a small nasal bar to protect the wearer's nose. The helmet could be entirely one piece, or the cheek pieces could be attached separately by hinges, which eased construction and made putting the helmet on easier.
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