Delphic Epsion and Evil Eye Keychain

[Code : VF_MK2185] Delphic Epsion and Evil Eye Keychain

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Delphic Epsion and Evil Eye Keychain

Delphic Epsilon ornament, with the Evil Eye to protect you from the Eye of Envy!
Epsilon symbol measures about 20mm (0.79inch)  by 20mm (0.79 inch)

A Delphic Epsilon Primer:

The Delphic Epsilon described as two epsilons (Greek letter "e") attached to each other, is a religious symbol discovered in Delphi at the temple of Apollo. Its symbolism is related to the number five (epsilon is fifth letter in the greek alphabet), the number of elements that are needed for life: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Light. The fifth element is Light ("Fos" in Greek) and the presence of the sympol on the temple of Apollo is explained by the fact that this temple was an integral part of Delphi's Sun Mysticism. UFOlogists seem to relate the delphic epsilon with a similar symbol found in Inca Temples, and further support the symbolic meaning of light only in their case connecting it further to extraterrestial powers.

Handmade in Greece with non precious, lead-free metal.
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