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Cycladic Idol Silk Scarf - Blue Color

[Code : cycladic_scarf_blue] Cycladic Idol Silk Scarf - Blue Color

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Cycladic Idol Silk Scarf - Blue Color

Authentic Greek Silk Shawl / Scarf w/ Cycladic Idol Motif

This beautiful silk textile was handmade in Soufli, Greece with 100% silk. Featuring a Cycladic Idol, a classic Cycladic Ancient artifact, it can be worn as a scarf or a shawl.

Available also in gold color

Approx. 59in (150 cm) long x 13.40 (34 cm) in wide.

A primer on Greek Silk Handmade embroideries from Soufli

Needlework from Soufli was widely used in the decoration of the Hellenic home. The embroidered item is usually tucked in the middle and placed under a chocolate bowl, a vase of flowers or a picture frame as a table centerpiece, draped over a sofa or even framed and wall-mounted, to decorate dishes and mirrors. In addition to decorating homes, Soufli neddlework is also used to express happiness, presented from a bride's family to the groom's family as a gift for engagements or weddings, symbolizing devotion and thus becoming a valueable heirloom.

Silk is one of the most valuable fibres of animal origin, coming from the silkworm when brewing the coccoon, to pass a certain stage in its transformation. The silkworm creates it from its glands secretion, that when coming to contact with air, solidifies and takes the form of continuous, fine fibre.

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