Foam Insert for Greek Fisherman Hats

[Code : foam_insert] Foam Insert for Greek Fisherman Hats

Price $2.00

Foam Insert for Greek Fisherman Hats
Having difficulties getting the proper hat size? Are you finding that your hat size falls inbetween sizes on our chart? Foam inserts will help to adjust approximately one hat size lower. Fit the foam under the flap on the inside of the hat, and attach it to the cardboard lining. The foam has a sticker adhesive on one side.

Approximate dimensions:
53cm (20.81 in) length x 2.5cm (.98 in) width
Foam thickness is 1.25 cm (.49 in)

Please note: this item is offered as a convenience to our clients and we do not support its installation or use. Due to the nature of the product, this is not a returnable item. Must be purchased with a hat and cannot be sold separately.

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