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Alexander The Great - Macedonia - Sweatshirt Style D113

[Code : D113_sw] Alexander The Great - Macedonia - Sweatshirt Style D113

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Silkscreen image from Greece - Alexander The Great - Macedonia Style D113

Alexander the Great, king of Macedon (336-23), reigned during a time of transformation, from not only the classical Greek world but also the whole of the Near East. Alexander's achievements need to be understood in relation to three main constituencies, the Macedonians whom he ruled, the Persians who were conquered, and the Greeks of whom many were his reluctant allies. Although he is most famous as a general, and the nature of his military successes will be examined, Alexander also initiated major developments in the spread of Greek culture and civilisation and in the presentation of royalty and divinity. Alexander's reign ushered in a new age, but also produced considerable chaos; both sides of the coin must be considered.

100% cotton.

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