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"I Discover the World"

Through this title the user can acquire various knowledge related to World Geography by playing a game either alone or with his friends (1 to 3 players): A random route with 20 intermediate stops around the world is displayed. The players have to follow the route and reach the end. The first player to reach the end is the winner. In order to move across the route, the players have to answer questions or solve puzzles of different types with knowledge related to World Geography. Correct answers rewards the players by giving them positive points, while wrong answers subtract points from those already collected. Points are needed to forward the player from one intermediate stop of the route to the other. Beware of the rules of the game and good luck!

Learning objectives
Reinforces learning through a game of great anxiety and strong competitiveness Rich information of different types (geography, people, government and economy) from 192 countries - national anthems and flags included. Randomly selected questions from a knowledge base of over 3000 questions from all countries of the globe (2 level of difficulty). Includes puzzles of different types that exercise memory and observation.

Title characteristics
Includes thesaurus of related geo-political terms. The player can see and print the photo album with photos from the most significant countries across his route. Questions can be updated through a link to the WEB.

System Requirements
Pentium 200 MHz 32 ÌB RAM § CD-ROM DRIVE 8X Soundcard compatible to SoundBlaster SVGA graphics adapter, 800 x 600 at million colors Available disc space: 50Mb Windows 9x/Me/2000

9 and more years old.

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