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Ekfonitis Text to Speech +

The Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) announces the release of Ekfonitis+, its new Text to Speech Synthesis tool for the Greek language.

Following EKFONITIS, the first Text to Speech Synthesis system for Greek, EKFONITIS+ represents the new generation of speech synthesis systems developed by ILSP. It is the outcome of many years of research and development effort of the Institute.

EKFONITIS+ contains a brand new synthesis engine, the state of the art in this field and a completely upgraded user interface. EKFONITIS+ converts any Greek text into high quality synthetic speech. It can properly handle numbers, dates, acronyms, abbreviations etc. An efficient prosody algorithm assigns the proper ‘melody’ and gives naturalness to the synthetic voice.

EKFONITIS+ offers a friendly and useful environment supported by two voices, one male and one female. It saves the user from the need of reading on the screen texts which are available in electronic form or contents from web pages, and forms an inextricable support tool in the modern office, at home or at school.

Moreover, it contains the Voice Assistant, an invaluable companion for elderly and visually impaired persons. It is a tool that supports the process of typing a text in Microsoft Word 2000/XP.

The Voice Assistant ‘keeps an eye’ on the typing process and utters the words and sentences just after their completion. Also, it provides the possibility of informing the user about certain positions of the cursor in the text (e.g. beginning of a paragraph) as well as the reading of the text selected by the user. Reading of a text on a letter-letter basis is also supported.

- Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating system
- Minimum hard disk free space: 70 Mb
- Minimum memory (total RAM) requirement: 64 Mb


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