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"Greece, The Next 300 Years", provides a comprehensive look at what we can expect Greece and the world to be like over the next 300 years. The book explores a variety of possible scenarios, including how our economies may be revolutionized by science in the near future; how democracy may come under threat by technology, even in the United States; how Marxism may challenge the world capitalist system; how Greece's relations with her neighbors and the world could be played out; how the Greek Orthodox Church may change its perspective; how the military could change warfare of the future; how contact with extraterrestrial life could doom humans; and how a natural or nuclear disaster could devastate our planet.

With each scenario, the "Greece, The Next 300 Years" offers suggestions for meeting the future with a plan for Greece to promote the well being of Hellenism and lessen the impact of a dangerous new world. This book is a must for any real enthusiast of Greece or of life in the Future. Greece, the Next 300 Years also makes a great gift.    
The author is an advocate of the Western mindset and believes that the virtues of Western Civilization (justice, wisdom, tolerance, and courage) must be promoted to ensure a progressive future.

Paperback, In English

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