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Karagiozis Greek Shadow Puppet Figure

[Code : 5205599500053] Karagiozis Greek Shadow Puppet Figure

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Karagiozis Greek Shadow Puppet Figure

Karagiozis is the main hero of traditional Greek Shadow Puppet Theater which traces back to the Ottoman rule of Greece. Hundreds of Greek generations were entertained by him and his fellow characters like "Hatzidiavatis", "Morfonios", "Veligkekas, and others. Ugly and hunchbacked, Karagiozis represented the common folk, in a collision with everyone and everything unjust, whether it be a social or political injustice. He often pretended to be a man of all trades in order to find work and sought silly but cunning solutions to the various difficult and strange situations he'd get into. Karagiozis, the puppet character, is famous for his pranks, which he set up to tease those around him.

This is a single decorative yet "playable" Karagiozis figurine made of acrylic material. Full sets are other characters are available on special order. For more characters and sets please see under "More Photos" or please contact us.

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