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Backgammon & Chess Set ( Tavli )

[Code : 391A] Backgammon & Chess Set ( Tavli )

Height 48 cm (18.9 in.)
Width 51 cm (20.1 in.)
Price $129.95
Traditional folding backgammon set ( Tavli )on the inside and chess (or checkers ) on the outside. Handmade of real wood (versus pressed), this is your traditional "kafeneion" style set. Backgammon pieces and dice are included. Chess pieces & pawns are not included. All game pieces made of solid molded plastic. Made in Greece.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these sets are hand-assembled they may have assembly imperfections (excess varhis, glue, etc.) which are common on traditional "casual" play sets.  This item requires special packing and handling and is carefully reviewed before shipment. This is why it is considered a special order item and return/exchange/refund restrictions apply.


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