Ancient Greek Lions' Gate Magnet

[Code : EA_MN55] Ancient Greek Lions' Gate Magnet

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This magnet is made of casting stone. Sizes are approximate and may vary based on the magnets shape and design.

Approx. 70mm (7 cm) x 50mm (5 cm)

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Mycenae is it's Lion Gate, the main entrance to the fortified citadel. This gate is the oldest monumental structure in Europe and is representative of a style that can be found in many other locations. This triangular stone depicts two facing heraldic lions, each though lost its head long ago.

The central object between the lions is believed to be a Cretan altar with a column, symbolizing both political and religious power at the same time. This would suggest that supreme religious and political authority was invested in the same individual in Mycenaean culture.


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